Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bob Dylan Song #116: Nashville Skyline Rag


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Rob said...

Interesting... suddenly bob's version seems much more impressive. What tedious alternatives these are !

Scott said...

I was at an open mic five years ago or so here in SW Michigan, and there was this older gent (in his 70s or so) that always played old stuff like "Busted" which both Ray Charles and Johnny Cash did and other things of that nature. He was really a lot of fun to listen to because he just liked playing his guitar and singing. One day he busted out "Nashville Skyline Rag" as a solo instrumental, which was great. He said he was playing it "because I like to challenge myself still."

And so concludes my exciting story. I like this song!

Christiaan said...

Great post! I never really payed much attention to this song, while it seems to be quite popular.

I especially like the last video you posted, it just goes to show how much fun this song is.

He should have opened the album with it and leave that boring duet with Johnny Cash in a filing cabinet.

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